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Jagdeo and the PPP mafia sold-out Guyana’s security apparatus to criminals: The sordid chronicle of a government’s mergence with a bloody narco-gang to form a notorious criminal axis PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 20 November 2011 21:58

By Richard Millington, Research Assistant – George Washington University Law School


Details are emerging about the contempt US government officials developed for Guyana’s President, Bharrat Jagdeo. Apart from his obvious criminal associations, officials were incensed by Jagdeo’s People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government’s 2006 audacious attempt to use US law enforcement to emasculate the role of then Police Commissioner, Winston Felix. “They aggressively employed draconian measures to undermine Mr. Felix to protect their criminal axis and sought our assistance to enable that subversion,” a US diplomat contends.


Jagdeo’s alleged criminal associations are so far-reaching and alarming that it motivated a senior official of the Colin Powell State Department (DOS) to regard him as a “Mafia” Head of State. Then US Ambassador to Guyana, Ronald Bullen, in a 2006 cable to DOS stated that Guyana was believed to be “a narco-state” and that “If Guyana is a narco-state, then Khan is its leader” – An indication that Jagdeo was compromised and had surrendered governance of the country to Khan’s criminal enterprise. 


Felix drew the ire of Jagdeo over his aggressive pursuit of drug lords connected to Jagdeo’s ruling PPP, including now convicted criminal and accused murderer Roger Khan. Currently serving a 15 year sentence in the US for exporting and distributing narcotics in the US, Khan was Jagdeo’s ally and financier of the PPP. Khan was arrested in Surinam and extradited to the US, via Trinidad and Tobago. The Guyanese President condemned Khan’s arrest and extradition as “another US “rendition.”

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CGID Releases phone numbers called by perpetrators of the Guyana Lindo Creek Diamond Miners Massacre PDF Print E-mail

  On June 21, 2008 Mr. George Arokium discovered that all of his eight workers at his Lindo Creek Diamond Mining Camp, near Christmas Falls, Berbice River, Guyana, were murdered. They were shot in the head and burnt. Only their bones were recovered.  

The Guyana Police and Military have been accused of committing these killings be attempting a criminal cover up.  Thus, they should not have been involved in this investigative process

Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo has adamantly refused to appoint a Commission of Inquiry into these killings.  Why? Many Guyanese fell that he is supporting the security forces, which have allegedly also been involved in extrajudicial killings, with the complicity of individuals in the Jagdeo administration.  

When Dax Arokium, the son of the owner, was murdered in the massacre, his cell phone was stolen. This theft was reported to the police but to no avail. Subsequent to the massacre, the murder/s continued to use, or caused to be used, Dax Arokiun’s stolen cell phone, accumulating a bill of thousands of dollars.  The use of the dead man’s cell phone was also reported to the Police but no action has been taken to date.

Audio Statement by George Arokium

 George Arokium speaks to Rickford Burke and Edward Meertins-George of CGID


CGID Letter to Caricom Heads and US Congress on State Sponsored Murders In Guyana
CGID raises Lewis assassination attempt, state killings in Guyana with Caricom Leaders and US Congress PDF Print E-mail


 CGID President Rickford Burke (R) meets
Grenada Prime Minister Tilman Thomas (L)



New York: The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has asked Caricom Heads of government and United States Congressional leaders to condemn last weeks assassination attempt against Guyanese trades-unionist and Secretary General of the Caribbean Congress of Labor, Lincoln Lewis.


In a letter to regional leaders and US Congressional leaders, CGID President, Rickford Burke, also warned against what he termed "the Bharrat Jagdeo government's verifiable policy of intimidation, incarceration and elimination of critics" and of "egregious state sponsored extrajudicial killings" in Guyana.


In a statement issued Monday, the Institute said Burke raised these issues with the new Prime Minister of Grenada, Hon. Tilman Thomas in New York on Sunday, and informed Prime Minister Thomas that circumstantial evidence in the plot against Lewis points to the Jagdeo administration," CGID said.


Noting that "The region can no longer afford to look away, with apathy or indifference, while an abyss of political persecution, executions and extrajudicial killings spiral to its nadir, in Guyana where Caricom is headquartered," Burke warned that "This sustained level of tyranny presents inherent conditions for social and political instability and the unrestrained destabilization of Guyana."

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